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Realism in KOTOR 3

Ok, how realistic do you want KOTOR 3 to be?

There are alot of things to be changed. For example, instead of automatically healing when you get to the Ebon Hawk, you should go to the medical room and heal over there. Or, just take a nap on the dormitories.

Also, the ability to see your character change with acquired feats.
For example: If my PC learns the Conditioning feat, then I should see a difference on the PC (more muscular, etc, etc). If the PC learns the Toughness feat, then he should look tough, etc, etc.

Also, the ability to do jobs in the beginning. I know that in TSL you can just take the credits off of dead corpses, but in the beginning you have very little money, so it would be helpful to do little jobs [ie bounty hunting, dueling ring (like the one on Taris)].

What do you think?

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