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Bah, you guys aren't very helpful. Those strategies are terrible. I love this level! First choose your basic Stormtrooper or a handy ShockTrooper to knock an explosion when you read on. Rush to the side with YOUR hill from you box. Then turn right and you'll be heading towards their box. You have to stay on the mid-level area. Jump over this block and shoot down any pilots or snipers. Lob grenades at Wookiees or Soldiers. Once you've depleted their little defence, run to the box and hide between the health and ammo droid. Stay there and fend off any incoming or re-spawning AI. After that, the arena should've been captured by your team usually. If not, take 'em down by endlessly jumping in (using the shocktrooper) and blasting rockets, throwing grenades, and placing down mines in random places. After that, the battle is yours.

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