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Aren: *looking skeptical* I'm willing to do that, but... I do need a little more explanation than "the universe is going to end if you don't let us go"... What exactly are you going to do to stop the end of the universe? And if you could give me some way to verify your story...

*Aren's communicator buzzes. She ignores it*



*Marin exits her quarters to see Chere looking at the note on the sword*

Chere: What's this?

*Marin picks up the note and reads it. She smiles*

Marin: It's beautiful.

Chere: You can read it?

Marin: Yes. I learned the common language of this galaxy before coming here.

Chere: Holy crap.

*Marin lifts the sword, turning it around and admiring it*

Chere: Is that one of those magic swords? Like the ones the Blades carry around like they're from the 16th century?

Marin: *laughs* Not quite.

Chere: If it's not magic, why do you have it? Why don't you have a gun or something?

Marin: The guns here don't work so well on lots of the creatures who are trying to kill us. This does have some qualities. And I also won't lose it when I morph. *She looks at the note smiling*

Chere: O...kay. I'm sure you know what you're talkin' about.

Marin: Excuse me. I need to go find Heimdall and thank him.

Chere: Hey, that's a ring, isn't it. Heimdall gave it to you? What, are you two dating? Or is that the One Ring of Power?

Marin: Uh... well... neither. This ring should let me remove my armor so I can morph.

Chere: You have armor now?

Marin: Yes.

Chere: Geeez. You're a regular Knight of the Round Table, aren't you? Except a chick.

Marin: I'll be right back. I have to go up---

Chere: No way. I'm going with you.

Marin: I don't think they'll let you in the----

Chere: I'm with you now, aren't I? Didn't you say I could go anywhere with an escort?

Marin: I meant an Aesir...

Chere: Aren't you an Aesir now? Isn't that the name of your little group here?

Marin: *sighs* No... just the ones that you've seen wearing armor. This is their ship.

Chere: Didn't you say you've got armor?

Marin: Er... as a gift, yes, but I'm not an Aesir. I explained all this to you before.

Chere: How about we just go find Heimdall and if your friends don't want me to see him then they can tell me them. How's that sound?

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