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Asgardried Lounge

*Heimdall Enters the loungs and takes a seat at one of the tables. Viddall and Ragnar show up shortly after both in their cerimonial armor. and takes seats across from Heimdall.*

Heimdall: Why are you dressed in that armor?

Viddall: Sorry m'lord I can't tell you.

Heimdall: I see, I assume everyone else will be dressed the same and no one is going to tell me why.

Ragnar: That would be a good guess.

*A minute later Vidar comes into the lounge escorted by Svafa and Idun. Idona follows shortly behind they all sit at the same table as Heimdall, Vidar on one side Idona on his other.. Like the other Aesir they are all in cerimonial armor. A little while later a couple droids come out of the kitchen carrying food and couple pitchers of mead and other drinks. The droids set some of the food in front of the Aesir as well as a pitcher of mead. The rest of the food is set along table near a wall with plates so when other members of the group wake up they can fix themselves a plate and get a drink. Valda exits that Kitchen shortly after the droids and joins the other Aesir for breakfast. Little was said as they began eating*

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