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Question Can't find map mapo.bsp

Yes, I called it mapo, don't knock my amazing mapname

I downloaded Radiant and I successfully installed it.

I just started mapping and I made a single room, just a box. I put the player spawn point in it and I saved it, then saved it to the gamedata/maps folder as a bsp (with the other 3 files). I checked the gamedata folder and it is there. I even tried making other map folders (base/maps) and it still could not detect my map. I really am anxious to start out mapping and I want to become a good mapper one day. I have this probelm though where I start a solo game (or create server, both of them don't work) and I go on tatooine, then put in the console /devmapall mapo

It says "Can't find map maps/mapo.bsp" even though I know it is there.
I also tried /map mapo and it has the same output. I really want to map, but I don't want to try to make a map for nothing, so can I please have assistance?

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