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Originally Posted by THE MANDALORE
Ok, how realistic do you want KOTOR 3 to be?
Very realistic is some ways, not so much in others. I would love complex facial animations, changing bodies, and flying limbs from saber strikes. This would require a new graphics engine though.

I would not like real time combat, though.

... instead of automatically healing when you get to the Ebon Hawk, you should go to the medical room and heal over there.
This would become boringly repetitive very quickly. Games need to save the player from tedious tasks, not force them on the player.

Also, the ability to see your character change with acquired feats ... (more muscular, etc, etc)
This would require a new graphics engine but would be real cool if they implemented it.

Also, the ability to do jobs in the beginning.
I would like that as well. Revan had to earn a living, and did so in an interesting and fun way. The Exile was just a bum and a thief, who stole from the dead no less. Cool if your PC's darkside, but REAL lame if she's light side. Good guys and gals do not steal from the dead. In KOTOR I you had options for money, in KOTOR II they took alot of the options away. I hope they put them back in KOTOR III!
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