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Well, seeing as it would be best to use each ship to one's advantage, here's a potential strategy for the


Keep your captial ships on a route circling the main battle. They can use their broadside turrets to decimate anything held within. Use the anti-starfighter ships much the same way: keep them moving. While they may not depend on line-of-sight since they use missiles, a moving target is always harder to hit. Send in wave after wave of TIE fighters, just like in the movies. Overwhelm their forces quickly in the center, and once you rcapital ships have cut off their supply line, the battle will quickly be yours. Basically, use numbers to your advantage.


Much like the Empire, keep your assets moving. However, utilize your starfighters in a way as to protect your bombers...thoerizing that the standard Y-Wing or B-Wing is much more powerful than a TIE bomber. Then send in several corvettes as anti-fighter, but only to serve as a distraction: their main target should always be the anti-starfighter ships. The Rebellion, while "weak," will be able to use their faster forces to cut straight through the Empire's forces, and rinse, repeat. In other words, while the Empiure attempts to line upa broadside volley, your bombers are through with their payload, and are turnign around for another: you corvetes are harrying the new destroyers, and finally your cruisers are making a B-line for the satr destroyers--cut down their maneuverability and engage them head-on. While the Empire's STar Destroyers are focused on your cruisers, your bombers are making bomb run after bomb run.
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