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Originally Posted by KingCheez
This might make me a hero or a nerd, but remember Raz's evil-father-guy? Well, the Big Top was one of the easiest, to me, and even funnest, platforming levels I've played. No problem with Butcher, or giant firey butcher.

Sans the first 2 parts, Meat Circus was pretty fun.

Raz's dad's face pressing into your brain, at first I thought was Sasha trying to get you out of there/saved. Weird.

And you know what, why did you jump into the brain tank, not jump to your brain and get Sasha, Milla, and Ford to re-cranialize you, exactly?
2 reasons, 1)yeah they got the crap blown outta them. and 2)I think Raz needs the brain juice to stay alive, like Hector Con Carne.

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