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Wonderful mod guys!!

I'm running a localized version of the game, at first i had problem while i was trying to complete the Build your own lightsaber quest, then i used the Language Converter (as someone pointed out earlier in this thread) to succesfully fix the problem.

But there's something else that is bothering me. When i look in my inventory both USM lightsabers and USM crystals don't have a name. The icon appears normally, but just the name ain't there. Is it supposed to be so?

If not, how could i fix this problem? I tried using the Language converter to overwrite the USM UTI files in the override folder into my language (which is italian, btw) but it didn't work.

Any idea?

Edit: I actually solved the problem when i traslated the UTI files, but the modify isn't retroactive. Is there a way to edit the inventory in order to let hte names appear?

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