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Arrow Your "the story so far..."

A lot of threads so far are understandably focused on what we want in any possible sequel... with people throwing ideas forward based on the assumption that they way they played Kotor, and Kotor 2 was 'the best' or that we all did it the same way!...

I'd love to hear a little about everyones best runs through of KI and KII, as a lead in to KIII...

I can't be the only one who's played through the games many different ways but to start the ball rolling:

In Kotor, I really enjoyed playing Revan as female. Ambitious, a bit ruthless and unforgiving but still light side aligned. I certainly *didnt* romance Carth, he was carrying far too much baggage still for anything mutually enjoyable to occur. I saved Bastilla, but only for practical reasons (the republic will need her BM power) though I sorely wanted to help her reach the natural conclusion for her weakness.

In Kotor II I preferred playing the Exile as Male, focusing on chasing down information about Revan in order to follow her, rather than the lackluster threat of hungry-vampire-jedi. I stayed light side aligned and saw in The Last Handmaiden and particularly Visas, a reflection of my naive hero worship for Revan (so no nookie there either). I resolved to follow Revan to the Unknown Reasons both to aid her as I will always (she's a genius after all) and to wonder if I'll ever be worthy of more personal attention from her.

How did you play I & II?

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