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The only way to do this would be to save a list of all the crystals and sabers you have found and then break them down at the workbench and use KSE to add fresh copys of the UTI's that you converted to your characters Inventory(If you do this remember to remove the upgrades from the sabers.) Oh, you can also use KSE to find out which USM items you have found there all marked with USM at the start of the file name.Before you use KSE on any save game make sure to keep a backup of it Just in case something goes wrong.

When you click on your savegames inventory in KSE a list will come up, the items highlighted blue are items that are currently in your inventory, Items highlighted in Red are Custom items found in your K2 Override, Items in black are items not in your inventory. After you add the items don't forget to Commit the changes.
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