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Here's my story so far:

In KOTOR 1, Revan was a Light Side male. A good person, unselfish, tolerant, honest, brave and so on. Bastila didn't like me at all, I tolerated her and the Council's crimes against me. At least she felt guilty when she saw that I was an ultimate Light Sider. I tried to cut off the bond on the Temple, but that didn't happen. I defeated Bastila, spared her and told her that I loved her. When I defeated Malak, saved the Republic and the Jedi; I was promoted to Colonel in the R.M.F. and to Jedi Knight in the J.O. I left after a year. Preffered weapons: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Blue Lightsaber.

In KOTOR 2, Ryan Pano (Pierce Brosnan's clone, voice, charm, face). He was a Light Side male, he hated Kreia. He fell in love with the Handmaiden. He slayed Nilhus and destroyed the Raveger; but, the last projectile from the Ravager was launched and the projectile hit the main core of the Telos Orbital Station, dooming the Restoration Project, Telos and the Republic to fall and die, for good... He spared Sion after defeating him and spared Kreia after defeating her too. But he told her that she was wrong. Ryan then, left with no other choice, left the crew to join Revan in the Unknown Region; not to fight, but to live in exile, in his faliure as Revan does.

What's with you?
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