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The problem with the Revan Model is that it doesn't have all of the proper camera hooks that a normal playable model has. Since it was never intended to be a player model, Bioware didn't add them. Therefore when you start moving around, the screen jumps and bumps all over the place...

As far as the Nihilus model, it doesn't have all of the combat animations as a playable model has, therefore if you're fighting against a small creature, or try to dual wield weapons, the animations are simply "not there"... adding them is near impossible with our current tools as we don't have an 'Official' toolset and are mainly modding with tools made by brilliant minds residing here at Holowan...

Also, I'm not sure about this, but I don't think the Unique Revan model (mask cape hood) (or Nilhilus) has a seperate head.. If I'm correct, then it's going to be an uphill battle to even get Revan's head on a Nilhilus body... though if I'm wrong, then that's going to be the best bet on getting what you desire...

Lastly, unfortunately not every request gets made... so please try to exercise a little patience. When / if someone can do the mod or answer your question, they will me

Bumping your request doesn't do anything but start to get annoying and is against our Forum rules... again, a little patience goes a long way and helps ensure the lifespan of your request thread

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