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Thumbs up Defender's Wrist Console v1.4

Version 1.4 is now "released" at ... but for some reason they lost my file... the entry shows up but the file is missing and I can't seem to submit any screenshots either...

New Features:
Ability to modify a party member's force points.
Ability to spawn duelists even if they're not in your party. *
Ability to return to the wrist console when leaving a workbench. *

Please delete the following files from your override folder.

I tried to seperate the script functions a bit more to make it easier to "update" in future releases instead of having to reinstall every time a new version comes out... Those files are basically obsolete now, and the dialogue uses the new files instead.

* If you go to 'additional options' , 'modification information' you'll see 2 new "bypass" options, this is how you enable these features, a yes/no screen will show up asking you if you really want to enable these features. If you want to disable them, you'll need to remove the "keys" (items) from your inventory.

Originally Posted by maaneeack
@Defender: great mod. suggestion/request: When you close one of the workbenches, have it go back to the console interface instead of back out to the game. That way if you are trying to make three or four things and they are all in different workbenches you don't have to click the (or scroll click) to bring the console interface back up. It might save what, 3 seconds? but I think it might be a nice addition. Feel free to ignore me though, hehe.
Done Thanks to Chainz for his assitance on this one

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