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Request for multiple force crush

I was just playing through my game earlier, and used force crush on one of the many sith assassins who were stalking me on korriban (I used KSE to get force crush that earlier btw), and the idea came to me that it'd seem really cool if force crush were to work on multiple targets at the same time.

What I'm asking is if one of you very skilled modders could create a force crush that affected multiple enemies at the same time, and to keep them suspended in the air longer (I personally find it very odd that a dark lord wouldn't want to torcher his/her opponents by keeping them in that painful position longer then 2 seconds). As for specifics, I was thinking maybe keep the characters suspended in the air for 3 seconds, then have them slowly be crushed over the span of maybe two rounds, and then have them fall to the ground, and play their lying dead animation for 1 round. Maybe even add a poison-like effect to the target after he/she have been crushed (because it's likely they'd be in a lot of pain, and it'd be hard for them to move without feeling the pain if they just had every bone in their body broken in).

I realize this may make force crush a very powerful ability, but maybe there could be some sort of penalty for using it (like it takes a huge chunk out of your force points no matter how dark you are, or it may do damage to you as well *though, I don't see why it would o.0*)

Perhaps it's just me, I just don't find force crush to be that devastating (I mean, yes it does do a lot of damage to your opponents, but it doesn't really look like it hurts as much as you would expect having your body imploding in on itself would).

So, if anyone is interested in taking up this challange of a mod (challange to me, not to many of the uber-talented modders out there), I personally think this would make a great addition to any dark lord's arsenol of force powers.

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