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OK well first off let me start off by saying. I did NOT read the first 5 pages of the thread so I have no idea if anyone has thought this up yet BUT here's what I'd like to see

You the main character start off in a Jedi Counsil meeting with other members of the Jedi discussing what aspects of the newly repaired republic could they better strengthen to assure its lasting another 1,000 years.

A message could come through about an oddity in space in the Korriban sector. It would of course be Revan The Great returning from his quest to seek the original Sith with success. Fierce they would be. Force masters all! They would have unheard of powers like Stoffe's Force Destruction

ALL of the republic would have to unite to stave the new Sith threat that was on the horizon. You'd have to do the normal TSL and KOTOR planet visiting type stuff BUT only for experience, mini quests and picking up party members. Party members would include a very odd old Cathar type character like Kreia is in TSL named Juhani. Back from her own exile she and a new "personal padawan" Mission Vao who is now an all grown up very sexy and kewl looking side character. Not taking away from the 3 party thing but adding like TSL's remote does.

Then for the ending you could actually fight through fighter waves, pilot a star destroyer type ship during a huge battle having to deal with both outside and inside of ship issues and problems like attacks Then when you fight through the initial invasion force designed to retake the gateway planet (Korriban) you could then visit a new distant galaxy where the original sith were now coming from. It could have maybe 3 new planets.

The original lineup for planets that you'd pick up party members from could be: Kashyyaak SP (The Wookie Planet) , Illum, Yavin, Alderan, Corusant, Dantoonie, Tatoonie and lastly Korriban.

I'd also like to see the improvements Holowan Modders have done (idea wise at least) put into the game such as their answer to a few sabers being replaced by a massive selection of the most realistic hilts and such Stoffe's pretty much amazed us all with High Level Force Powers.

Well that's my wish list

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