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Okay let's begin:

First of all: Make the game harder and the story longer (some 300 hours wouldn't be bad [Just don't give me that "It'll ruin the story rant" ] )

Second: Make Revan the main character.

I would like to see more animations, not just 3 new ones; but a whole lot of new animations. It owuld be also nice to have the ability to weild boht ranged and melee weapon at the same time.

How many years (or games), will I have to live through, to have the main character have a VOICE?! I mean, in EVERY SINGLE RPG (which are WAY more popular than FPS, plus the story is better), the main character is a MIME. I am SICK and TIRED of the main character keeping his mouth shut the whole game. And how come they can't spend a several hundred thousand dollars (which would be replaced by several HUNDRED MILLION dollars) to have the main character have a voice (Argument on "How will the main character say his name" : There is a technology which can imitate voices). Why even bad FPS's have voice-acting for the main character, so why can't a good RPG have voice-acting for the main character.

I go into nature, the map is the size 2x2, you can't get lost, and all you can do is go to quest places and kill animals!??? What kind of an RPG is THAT?! Other RPG's are sometimes consisted of exploring ruins, unlocking puzzeles, climbing mountains and you could even get lost in that enviorment. How about inserting more interaction with the enviroment. Also, vehicles to explore the nature.

The story should start with Revan losing all his Force Powers due to something that has been sweeping everything for a long time. He meets up with Dorian (Obi-Wan type of character) and the Exile (Ryan Pano [Clone of Pierce Brosnan]). They escape the planet into Known space, find out that the Galaxy is a Sith Empire now and that there is only a Sith Order now.

They gather all KOTOR 1 and 2. Then you can either join the Sith, fight them in the strugle for power or rebel against them. If you Rebel against them, you make a base of operations on a less known planet, recruit soldiers, train them, command them; make weapons, upgrae weapons, design weapons, buy weapons; make ships, design ships, buy ships, upgrade ships, control and pilot them (exploring them would be also nice, as well as interacting with the crew which does random things); make starfighters, design starfighters, upgrade starfighters, buy starfighters and fly them.

You could invade worlds (ground and space combat), sabotage factories, save people, do good deeds; Oh, do what the HELL you like there, you could even choose dark side options at the light side end, it WILL make a difference.

The planets could be: Corusant, Onderon, Nar Shadaa, Dantooine, Korriban, Tatooine, Mannan, Kasshyk, Telos, Yavin IV, Delaria, Bastion IV, Bespin, Zonju V, Talravin and so on.

Also, additional hilts, and some modding tools and tutorials.

Well that's my wishlist.
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