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I dunno about the sv_pure thing, it works for me, and I can devmap from any map, not just the main menu. As for the textures, have you even bothered browsing through the pk3s? You should use the same method they do for most things, textures included. However, I might as well talk you through it. First, make sure your texture's dimensions are a binary number (of the form 2^n), though it doesn't have to be square (The two dimensions don't have to be the same binary number). Create a 'textures' folder in base. Create a subfolder named the same as your map (It can be named anything, I have a folder named 'architechture', for example, each choice in the textures menu is a seperate folder). Place your textures in there. And it's not just jpgs, either. The game will load 24 or 32-bit tga files as well. You don't need to make a pk3 until you are finished and are releasing it (or, like I said before, you wish to actually override a standard game resource). Does this help?
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