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Name: Mira
Age: 23
Faction: Rebels
Class: Special Ops Sniper
Weapons: Modified S2-AM Sniper Rifle with Night Vision Scope, A med kit
Strengths: Almost Perfect Accuracy, Can See in the dark
Weakness: Cant pilot any ground vehicles or use explosives

Mira crounched ontop of the hill, her reticule over the head of a troop.
She keyed a comm. channel and whispered.
"Jax, This is Mira, Im above your position and ready to kill. Tell me when to start...
What the... AHH! *Loud Bang"

Mira woke up. Her eyes slowly adjusted
to the darkness. The only lights were the light from the guard's helmet lights and the occasional blinking of a red light in the corner of the room. The guards had their backs to Mira. She tried to get up, but an energy grip had here feet and hands tied.
A man in a robe and had a Red Lightsaber ignited. It was almost touching her throat.
She looked around the room and noticed a face... a familiar face.. it was... No.. It... it... it was Gus!
He wasn't dead! He must've been captured. Besides, if the Imperials knew his secret, they wouldn't have killed him. Mira knew where she was. an underground holding facility. the one right underneath the base. Oh no... Jax and his team are going to destroy the base! But Jax didn't know of Mira or Gus being here. she had to tell Jax!

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