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Jax heard nothing but the storm trooper behind the cannon had fallen. He looked towards the sniper and the sniper nodded. Jax ran forwards to take the cannon. He jumped in and slowly he began to turn it around to face the imperials. He was being shot at but he had a feeling the imperials didn't want to dammage the gun in the case they could re-capture it. Jax opened fire on the hill.

He had lost contact with Mira a few minutes ago. He had no idea what had happened to her. He knew she was attempting to take the base from the east. He had lost contact with her and the others. Don was attacking from the west. It appeared that Don was having the most luck. Don had decided to take a few speeder bikes and make a quick assualt. It had worked the imperials had no time to react and Don had taken the west bunker.

Jax did not want to continue firing on the hill just in case Mira had been captured and taken there. He stopped firing

"why did you stop?" asked his younger Cousin Nekx
"I don't know where Mira is" jax replied simply
a few moments pause
"well you shouldn't just assume she has know"
"yes well i don't want..."
another pause
Jax's tracker beeped. It had picked up something
"wait here, carlson come with me"
Jax wandered off through the undergrwoth until he came to a clearing the clearing and there in the middle was
"Stu's Ship" Jax mumbled
"I knew he was down here, but the question is where is he?"
Jax boarded the ship. He searched it quickly. It had been abondened for a while, possibly months. Jax took ammo and suplies. He got back out and told carlson to take the supplies back to Nekx and then return. Jax stoon alone for a brief moment. then a noise behind him made his turn around. He had sworn he had the swish of a cloak. he raised his rifle...
"what is it?" asked carlson as he returned
"nothing...i just thought i heard something"
Jax lowered his rifle.
"come on we have to keep moving"


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