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*Without turning around Heimdall spoke to Chere*

Heimdall: Chere, your coming very close breaking the rules on this ship. You know Gerd's name use that in the future. Marin, Chere and Gerd met when Viddall was trying to show Chere and Cody their quarters and Chere thought him to be a slaver or maybe a pedophile.

*Heimdall takes a sip of mead before continueing. He also turns to face the girls*

And this *Motioning to the food* is what we like to call breakfast. Fix yourselves a plate and find a seat there is plenty of room.

Idona *speaking softly enough so only Heimdall could hear*: You know that isn't what she meant.

*Heimdall gave a slight shrug, and then returned to eating*

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