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"It's all legitimate program," the inspector answered. "My employers are going to be disappointed. "They wanted to have a reason to shut you down, but you're not giving them that reason... hey what was that you said about somebody named Adam? And Trent?"

"They're working on a game?" Jack exclaimed. He swore softly and Tara put her hand over his mouth. He took her hand and said, "Sorry. Well, it's good we're ahead."

"But knowing Adam, he's got some of the old programmers helping him," Tara pointed out. "He may not have started quite as long ago as we have... he may be catching up."

"I'd hoped he was out of our lives for good," Jack said. "But Trent? Trent must have gotten him out of prison time..." he swore again. "Sorry... this just makes me mad and on edge."

"Me too, Jack," Tara said quietly. The inspector closed out of anything he'd been looking at on the computer.

"Well I wish you all the best of luck," he said. "And about this Adam guy..." He turned to Troezen. "See if you can get your friend to tell you where they're located. I'd love to pay them a visit... and my employers would love to send me."

"Remind me again who you work for," Jack said. The inspector took out a card.

"Anti-Game Association," he said. "They don't want any versions of this thing online. I disagree that the game is a bad thing... played it myself once before it went haywire on ya. It was pretty cool. I'd leave the AGA, but they give me a very generous pay check twice a week... so if I can bug another game creator enough to assure you guys stay in the lead, I'd like to do that."

((I guess I just got a third character... though he's not quite as active as the other two... I'll give him a name eventually... ))

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