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Originally Posted by Zetz Darke
don't hate me for this...but I kind of wanted to set little Olly and the bunny on fire after that first part...yea. I forgave him after I saw the vault...but before that, I was like, OMG, this guy has given me nothing but trouble and remorse throughout this whole game AND YOUR ASKING ME TO KEEP HIM SAFE!?

Yea...I'm over that now. I just beat the game again over the weekend and had absolutely no trouble throughout the first part...and the part with Raz's dad never bothered me TOO much...cept for those net things. (Still couldn't get past that darned tunnel of love right away tho x_x
It wasn't asking so much as "You gotta help me protect the bunnies!" cuteness. Yeah- I was angry at Oleander until I saw that vault. The littlest bunny. sniffle. BUT. My brother and I just kept looking at it and saying crap like 'NOOOO.' 'WHY?!' 'I would do the same thing!' 'Sob!' 'Who would have a child with that guy?' 'Why are Morry's eyes green when his wee but brown/whatever when he's big?'
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