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THis happens because your override is too full of stuff, like when u are on the peraguas and u are about to leave u cant, so take about 3/4 of the mods out, if that doesnt work, take all the mods out untill you get past that part, sometimes the game will crash right when you have to be Mira in a space suit( which is after you get that message from the exchange). I normaly put like 10 mbs in the override at the begining and after i pass nar shadah. Then I put like 170 to 200 mbs. And if that doesnt work then u are going to half to play the game all the way till u get passed nar shadah the old fashion way , without mods or cheats( which is f**k up man). OH yeah dont use any cheats, that really will mess up ur game.

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