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override folder size shouldn't be a factor

I've had over 300+ mb in my override ever since my first 4 non-modded playthroughs, from start to finish of the game and it's never been a problem...

Though I won't discount your theory either Lando We all know this game can be buggy as heck... hehehe It could be a faulty mod causing the problem as well... ( @Nines: try Lando's method to see if it works, it's worth a shot)...

The only time I encountered the scenario was when I went "click" happy and skipped the initial "invite" cutscene that happens after the Red Eclipse fight (when leaving the Ebon Hawk)... this was on one of my un-modded playthroughs...

Apparently it skips setting a global if you skip it too fast (or as others mentioned, you haven't gained enough good/bad-repute with the Exchange)...

Forking over 2,000 credits to "mousey" usually does the trick, and I've noticed before that the game can "glitch"... one time I was able to take the 2,000 credit option twice

If you use tk102's KSE, you can go into your savegame file and set the Global/Boolean "300NAR_Visquis_Call" to "1"... or "YES" when using KSE...

You should know if it works when you
approach the NAR docks and the Atton cutscene starts (when he tells you to be careful then goes to the bar)...

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