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OK, let's get this straight. I think I have the problem here (albeit not the solution - yet). About half of you people are caught in the hell of "I modded this thing to the nth degree already and I don't remember everything I did", and the other half are caught in the hell of "I'm not a JA modding expert and didn't do anything". I'm in the latter category. I have just a vanilla JA install with the starfire dismemberment mod. I tried a half-dozen of the suggested ways to tweak this to get the dismemberment that is suggested, and not only did all of them not work, half of them made it such that JA would not even start.

So, for the fore-brain thinking JA modding experts out there, rather than just saying, "This is too easy, why can't you mewling cretins get it to work?", why don't you presume for a moment that nobody has spent the time and effort on learning the details of JA that you have spent, and give us the run-down right from square one? That is, tell us *everything* that we need to do. Not just the last step.

After all, if you asked me, "How does the Rijndael algorythm work?" and my response was "You need ten rounds for a 128 bit key.", even though the answer is accurate, what precisely have I told you? Nothing that answers the question.

So, in the spirit of community service, can somebody tell us *please* how to get dismemberment to work. Whole and complete, please, not one of these, "It's easy, just change A to B" responses, but the **WHOLE PROCESS**. What updates/mods/patches have to be installed? What updates/mods/patches cannot be installed? What files have to be tweaked and where are they, or if they don't exist by default, where should they be? What has to be changed and where? Again, presume that I don't have the in-depth knowledge of the guts of the game that you do, largely because I don't.

Me? I just live here. The Sith lord is upstairs in 3C.
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