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Part IV: Out on a Limb

When Lt. Wefive got up, it was still night. The night watch sat at the edge of the cave, his legs dangling in the open. Lt. Wefive got up and took off his helmet. He took a sip of water and sat beside the night watch, 4F-KAS. Foureff was about to nod off when he heard the lieutenant settle beside him.
“See anything?” Lt. Wefive inquired.
“Nothing of interest, sir. Just those damned lights in the distance. Droids, obviously. They’ll reach this place by dawn, by my reckoning.”
“Well keep an eye out and tell me if you see anything suspicious.”

Lt. Wefive stared out into the distance. The bright white moon was in the sky and was illuminating the ground. The moon was close and huge. The second moon was much smaller and farther, it looked like an asteroid compared to it’s companion. Lt. Wefive tried to sort out things. RAS Shred’da had left them without as much as an attempt to save them. It was as if they thought the squad was wiped out. The command could only come from Captain FRI-90X, or Capt. Fri-9, as he was called. Capt. Fri-9, too was an ARC Trooper once and had great aggression. He had a brilliant mind, but his ego was his highest priority. Wefive and Fri-9’s rivalry went back to their ARC days, when Fri-9 would often consider Wefive unskilled and inexperienced.
The thought was crazy, but it was a possibility. Fri-9 always hated Wefive, but would he have risked an entire operation just to see his rival fall? And then a realisation hit Wefive harder than a missile: It was a covert operation. The high command didn’t know of this. No wonder, Wefive thought, it was a kamikaze mission. Wefive was never supposed to return. It was all Fri-9’s scheme, a brilliant scheme to eliminate his rival, who had come close to attaining his own rank. “Then I must prove myself.” Wefive thought.

At the first light of dawn, the night watch got up and hurried to the dozing Lieutenant. “Sir! They’re here! At the foot of the mountain, sir!”
Lt. Wefive jumped up and put on his armour. The others got up too and readied themselves. Recon was already up, a little outside the cave entrance. They rushed in as Lt. Wefive was barking orders to his comrades. “Sir, we did some pre-dawn scanning. There is another peak. It is at a distance, but it has a flat top, with a short wall. We can use it as a sort of stronghold, sir! We have recorded the path… there! I’ve transmitted it to your visor.”
“Good… good. It’s a good barricade. Alright, we’ll get to the peak, but I have a job for you Recons.”
“Out in the distance, over there to the west, is a bunker. It’s a bit far and it’s hidden, but you should be able to access it. I think it must have communication devices. Try and contact the nearest RAS or RCP/S (Republic-controlled Planet/System). Disable these droids and blast the bunker. See if there are any Battleships around and see what you can do about them, otherwise warn the Republic. Remember! We have to make it out of this one alive, and that means absolutely no compromise. I’m trusting you guys.”
The recon troopers made a slight bow and equipped their blaster rifles and reloaded them. After making last-minute checks and adjustments, they headed out one by one. Running at full speed, they jumped out from the mountain and used their jetpacks to fly at a low altitude. They were just three and given the cover of a few bushes, they flew or ran cover to cover. The droids hadn’t noticed them, and the bunker was only but a mile or so away.

Lt. Wefive was on nearing the top of the mountain. The droids had reached the feet of the mountain, but were unable to traverse further without toppling over. The battle droids were a little more agile, but were crushed easily by falling boulders which the Clones threw in their way. The Super Battle Droids advanced, but found it hard to get through. Anti-Armour and Snipers took their positions at the mountain base and fired at any Clone sighting. The eight clones travelled a spiralling way to the top, grabbing the semi-steep mountain and evading the droid lasers.
Hailfires set up themselves a on the mountain base, after attempting to climb it. Aiming correctly, they mass-fired their rockets on the mountains, where erupted huge showers of stone and dust. Spider Droids zapped the spiralling way, killing the last Clone.
Soon enough, LT. Wefive set himself up on the top of the mountain, and found the natural wall rather useful. Anti-Armour fired accurately, blasting open a couple of Spider Droids and then destroying one of the wheels of a Hailfire. Snipers shot SBDs and Battle Droids, occasionally targeting the red optical clusters of mechs.

55-YUI set himself up against a bush, firing off at the droid guards. His comrades 4R-KJ and RRT-F9 delivered laser fire into droid heads. With the last droid destroyed, they crept into the bunker, but was locked. Setting up a charge, they stepped back and let it explode, opening the door and entering. Starting their cloak, they stood in the crept through the dim-lit corridor. “Kay-jay, find the power generator and destroy it on my command. Ar-ar, go find the bloody Nemoidian in charge of this base. Assassinate him, but only after my command. Use cloak sparingly and try not to attract attention. We’re going to do this one quietly.”

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