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Name: Renae Uleravannasipanatsea-Jihih
Age: 29
Faction: Galactic Empire
Class: Scoutrooper
Weapons: Sniper rifle, hold out blaster, three grenades
Strengths: Fair eye sight, steady hands, good precision, cunning, fast run
Weaknesses: poor pilot skills (except scout-vehicles), heavy armor and weapons
Bio: Sergeant Renae is a great sniper that always knows his enemies well. He has found himself to be a sniper and a sergeant for the Empire, and a very good one. Now a straggler on a forest-type planet, he must do what he must to survive. He's also well aware of the presence of all the Rebels and the so-called 'Phantom.'

Sergeant Renae Uleravannasipanatsea-Jihih stood outside of what was being the holding blocks beneath the base for a few captured Rebels. His white armor was barely even seen, little light flowed through the room outside of the holding area as it was underneath a large structure.

Two stormtroopers walked in as requested and took up guard at the door. "Thank you, CF 390." He said, nodded, and then left the room through the hallway which the only source of light was flowing through. He held his holdout blaster pistol to his side, you never know when a weird creature may jump out and attack you. Afterall, this was a quickly-placed base. Nothing like one of those pre-fabricated garrison bases that a star destroyer carries.

"Corporal Fejia, how's everything been going up here?" Renae asked a young scoutrooper, maybe not even out of his teens.

"Not too well, sir. We've held them off, but the only stormtroopers we have seem to be dead or inside the base itself." Fejia answered.

"Indeed. Okay, well, since we have no command over the soldiers, then we must do our part to protect both our personnel and the base. C'mon, come with me," he said.

Fejia followed Renae as they came over to the west (bunker) of the base. This was the weapons armory and vehicles repair shop. Three 74-Z speeder bikes lay outside of the bunker. The others were probably with their controlling scout, which should be on sniping duty. Precisely what Renae and Fejia would be doing.

"Hop on Corporal, it's time for some fun," he said, Fejia and Renae both getting on their speeders.

The engines started up and the speeders flew away from the base and into part of the forest.

(Sorry I had to end it, I've got to go to school. I'll be back around 4:00 PM Central timing.)

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