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Jax and carlson continued to look for mira. Jax knew where the group of rebel soliders were heading and he knew where they would be now if anthing had gone wrong. Jax stumbled over a tree root and he heard a muffled voice say
"get ready"
Jax stopped he raised his rifle
"This Is Jax polara who's there?"
Some rebel soliders stepped out
"sorry Jax but we didn't know-"
"Have you seen Mira Kenobi?" Jax said cutting in
"No we lost trace of her about and hour ago. She said she was going to take out the sniper on the ridge over there. But he is still there so we don't know what happened to her, there is no body"
Jax's Comm-link buzzed
"Jax we need you back here ASAP"
"Copy that Nekx, Well keep an eye out if you find anything, anything at all contact me, ok?"
"ok, will do Jax and good luck"
"you too"
Jax turned around but stopped and listened
"what is it?"
Jax held up a finger to silence the soldier
There was a loud crashing
Jax turned and sprinted to a mound. He flund him self on top of it and with drew some binoculars. What he saw made his heart skip a beat. AT-ST was carving it's way towards them. It didn't look like it had seen them.
Jax ran back to the soliders
"Chicken Walker" Jax wispered
A young solider turned pale, the others followed suit.
"w-what are we gunna do?"
"stay down and stay away, stick to the treches and ditches if you can and keep low"
Jax turned to leave but again he stopped. He looked at the young soldier, he looked absolutly terrified. Jax out his hand on the boy's shoulder.
"you'll do fine"
He turned and made his way back towards Nekx position which took a surprisingly short time. Jax slumped next to his counsin and said
"what's the situation"
Nekx lay silent
Jax shook him, Nekx seemed to come back to reality
"d-d-d-doggy walkers"
Jax froze, the speeder he did have would be no match for an AT-AT.
The AT-AT stopped. And all hell broke loose...


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