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Originally Posted by montnoir
I am currently playing Dungeon Siege 2. It has a limited inventory and random item-drops, a lot of random item-drops. So with your limited inventory you must go to a merchant every 10 minutes. Needless to say it takes you out of immersion and it also is rather annoying.
Off Topic: Does Dungeon Siege2 have the "Transmute" Spell still? That was a timesaver for me during version 1... I'd just transform everything I found into gold unless I thought I might need it later on...


On Topic: I can definitely "feel the pain" of the examples given above... Having to go back to 'town' every so often was a major downfall of Diablo I & II for me (though it was inventory space related, not weight), but for games like NWN, I accepted it without a second thought. I'm not sure if it was just because I was use to it (playing the PNP version for so many years)... but I 'accepted' the fact of encumbrance.

I think my main issue with encumbrance was how relative it is with the amount of 'action' the game possessed. For Diablo, it was such a pain because you were constantly fighting.. and you'd have stuff strewn all over the place when you were on a good "killing spree" or was buffed with a time limited shrine...

For NWN, the action wasn't as fast paced, plus you had henchies that could take part of the loot load. If KotOR devs took the time to make a good encumbrance system, and an inventory alotment that made sense, I think I could accept it in the game without a hitch so to say

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