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Originally Posted by montnoir
"Beaming" back to a merchant every 15 minutes because your backpack is full, is no fun.
I was doing this in KOTOR anyway and was constantly breaking down items whenever I found a workbench or lab station in TSL. I can't stand not being able to find my medpaks (or other necessary item) in the middle of a battle because of all the crap in my inventory. An encumbrance system would hopefully force you to make choices as to what is more valuable to you. Here's an example...You have no room in your inventory for the red Darth Bandon crystal from USM, but you do have a regular green crystal there that is just taking up space. You simply discard the green crystal to make room for it because it isn't as valuable. This is how we had to do it way back when we were playing AD&D.

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