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Trees broke under the furious fire power of the AT-AT. Jax was thrown from behind the rock and landed heavily in a ditch. The AT-AT destroyed the cannon they had captured which thankfully no one had manned. Jax yelled...
"Hit the deck!"
He did not know if any one heard him becase the AT-AT fired towards Jax's location. Jax put his hands over his head as a tree quaked and fell on top of him. Thank fully the ditch stopped the tree killing him but Jax was trapped. He heard Nekx jump into the ditch.
"Im under the tree" Jax yelled
The AT-AT fired another deadly shot towards them.Jax heard a scream.
"Nekx? Gte me out of here!"
"im trying!"
Nekx managed to make a small hole and Jax clambered through. Jax crouched and saw the monster raining death down on their position. It had seen them. Jax calmbered out of the ditch Nekx did too but....
Jax fell to the floor and looked back Nekx had not been hit thankfully but he almost been cut in two by a tree. Jax ran for his life nekx close behind him. The AT-AT fired again and Jax managed to fling himself behind a large boulder. Nekx hit the deck. Jax staggered towards Nekx he looked terrified but shook his head. Jax stared at Nekx then Nekx jolted backwards. A small trickle of blood came out of his mouth, he managed to whipser "sniper" then his head hit the floor. He was dead....


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