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Mira saw Gus open his mouth out of the corner of her eye, she knew what he was about to do.
She concentrating on her eyesite so she wouldn't be able to hear anything.
Gus screamed. the Screech was so loud that the base shook, the guards fell to the floor and Mira and Gus's binds exploded into crystal shards. Gus got up, grabbed some equipment and ran. Mira followed. Gus trickled off of Gus's cheek. he had been hurt badly. They stopped, and Gus opened fire on a Trooper, His aim was amazing! At least 20x better than her's! And she almost NEVER missed a target's head. They ran on and came to a latter. Gus whent up first. he stopped and signalled to Mira to stay put. She heard Blaster Fire, and a body hit the floor. she climbed up the ladder and followed Gus to an observation tower. An AT-At caused hell in the distance, Mira thought she could see the faint outlnie of two Rebels in the distance, One seemed dead, and the other seemed angry. The AT-AT fired at the tower, Gus and Mira dropped down the ladder just in time, rubble fell intio the base and the roof caved started to break. Mira and Gus ran athrough a hallway and took a left, there, to Mira's horror, was a Dark Jedi.... Gus opened fire and yelled to Mira.
Mira ran. she ran out a hole in the wall and saw Jax and his cousin in the distance. She ran towards them, but the AT-AT fired at her twice, She managed to make it to Jax's position, but she was badly injured.
"Jax are you o-"
Nekx was dead.
She turned around in time to see the base fall apart. Gus had to be dead.... It'd take some kind of miracle to- But no, Gus walked out through the hole, and behind him, where two Dark Jedis, they weren't dead, they were paralyzed, Gus dragged the two to where Mira stood.
"Gus, how did you....?"
Mira looked towards the AT-At and saw her life flashing before her eyes.
She fell to the ground, unconciouss.

Mira stood up, she looked around, but no one was around. the AT-AT, Jax, Gus, They were gone. She turned around. She could've sworn she heard the swish of a cloak. The, she saw him, It was Stu, wearing a black cloak. But wait.... Stu.... Mira thouht...

"Are you okay?''
Mira awoke.
Gus hovered over her, he looked frightened.
"Mira, are you...."

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