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I LOVE HALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Gus
Class: Pelican Pilot, Sniper
Rank: Spec Ops
Weapons: An S2-AM Sniper Rifle, Two SMGs, One Battle Rifle, Two Frags, One Plasma Grenade

Gus jumped into the Pilot seat of the Covie Dropship.
"I hope this is like flying a Pelican!"
He had two Hunters, 8 Grunts, and 2 Elites on board.
The Elite walked up to Gus.
"Maybe I should fly, human."

Gus walked in the hallways, looking around.
He grabbed his sniper and some a few clips of ammo.
The Hunters seemed to be hiding from something.
Gus jumped behind a cargo crate with the Hunters.
Gus looked around, and noticed 2 Brutes looking for something.

"Oh great...."
He fired his sniper at one of the brutes, and the Hunters fired their Fuel Rods at the other.

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