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Jax sat by a tree, staring at his knees. He did not want to look up he did not want to see his cousin. he did not want to feel anything. He kept his head down. Jax had killed the sniper that had taken his cousin. He had jumped up anger flooding through his veins. He had dodged fire from the AT-AT and the sniper. when he reached the sniper he punched him so hard he had broken his hand. Jax had continued to pumel the snipe's head into the ground. He finally kicked the sniper in the gut and then shot his body to peices.

When he saw Mira he did not no if it was real and when he had seen Gus he was sure he was dreaming. But it was no dream. Jax had grabbed something in his pocket he had fogoton about but he still caried it where ever he went. If Gus was...evil like he had suspected he would have to kill him and he only knew one way to kill a jedi or sith. A blaster wouldn't do it that was for sure.

Jax heard the explosion but did not move.
"He's really gone isn't he?" he asked Carlson
"Im afraid so Jax" Carlson sat next to Jax
"Look...i know you hurt...but we need you"
"Ok...just give me a moment"
Jax ran towards Mira and Gus without even glancing at Gus he passed them and ran towards the explosion


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