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(Oh, sorry about timing. My mother and I had some problems with other people's driving skills. So we're late getting back. Here I go. )

Renae and Fejia watched the Rebels run helplessly from the AT-AT. At last, they finally made it away. Hysterical if you asked them. But now they were in position high above in the forest where they could see everyone and everything. Armed with high-powered and precision sniper rifles, the two scoutroopers fired automatically at random targets. Or, say, random and helpless Rebellious scum. Their macro-binocular viewplate really came in handy when observing Rebels. It was funny. No one knew of their presence on the forest peek, which gave them an immense advantage.

Watching the sniper way below and infront of them get beat to death was certainly entertaining. It was too bad he didn't have his rifle with him at the time of the beating of that sniper. A bummer. Oh well, next time the Rebel would die.

(Okay, I know... horrible and short, but oh well.)

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