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i just finished the game, but i don't want to stop playing, and i don't want to stop playing with my character, to use everything she had to work so hard for to get, perhaps somebody can build an "eternal dueling grounds", or a "the outer rim wars" endgame addon, something like that, where you can still level up, and perhaps where you still can use your skills (what poit is a persuasion skill at 30 if you only combat?)
anyway, something with respawning enemies, perhaps an arena tournament, the higher your skills, the higher the bonusses you can negotiate with persuade, loot on the battlefield with increasing cr's and repair droids to aid in combat, as the dificuty goes up, mines are randomly dropped, etc etc

something to keep me from having to play the storyline again (i identify with my characters always, so starting a new campaign is like betraying them to me)

thanks in advance, and any aditions to the idea by others are always welcome off course)

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