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Play 3-4 hours a week and an AD&D adventure would take you and your friends everything from a month to a year to complete and you have a game master who won't let your character die if you botch a roll (unless you are a beyond-hardcore roleplayer). Also, how long did 1 fight take? We were 3 players and a GM and say we usually were at least outmatched 2 to 1. One such fight would take between 1 and 3 hours.

Now, how long did it take you to complete Kotor? I doubt it was more than a month. How long is a non-boss fight in Kotor? 3-5 minutes?

The dynamics are completely different. I have nothing against the roleplaying system. But I do dislike timewasters.

@ ChainZ: Transmute is still in the game... and the mule.

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