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I may not be a modder by avocation, but I am a programmer by profession and am long since accustomed to working precisely to specification. You can rest assured there were no mistakes on my part, and each attempt was undone 100% before attempting the next. Nonetheless, everything I said is true. As there is no way I made a mistake, and the attempts did not work, the only logical conclusion is that the specifications are in error. It is also far from unusual for me to be the person who finds an error in a specification by the simple expedient of proving that it can't possibly work as read. That's why I'm the Head Geek. Having dealt with the "loose nut behind the wheel" dismissal, I return to the original problem. An *accurate and complete* specification.

I don't buy that mods that work for one don't work for another. Programs are deterministic by nature - they merely *seem* non-deterministic sometimes for perfectly good deterministic reasons. Computers are only capable of six basic functions, and they cannot mis-perform any of those six basic functions - period - or they simply cannot work. Logically, the top-of-the-line Cray is no different than the Atanasoff-Berry Computer that pre-dates ENIAC. The Cray is just whole lot faster. If a mod works for one but not for another, it's not because of some 'ghost in the machine', but rather because there is missing information that is critical to success.

If we know all of the important things, then dismemberment will work, by a single standard method, for everybody. All that is required is that somebody employ due diligence and specify clearly all of the important things. Then we can stop debating it in a thread and simply post a web-page with step-by-step instructions, and put this problem to rest for good and all. There is always a process when computers are concerned. Process is the only thing they obey.

While it might seem to be a bit of a pain, I've found that the best way to do this is for somebody with sufficient knowledge to reset their machine (I/E remove all things JA related) and start from scratch, documenting each step as they go, until they get it working. Then publish the instructions. That way, no important information is lost under the presumption, "everybody knows that part". With such a set of *complete, accurate, and detailed* instructions, everybody should be able to get it working to maximum effect with minimal hassle by simply following the directions.

Now, is anybody with a suitable level of knowledge and skill available?

Me? I just live here. The Sith lord is upstairs in 3C.
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