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I have to agree with montnoir and Darth333 that encumbrance is a big pain in the backside for computer games... and has no place in KOTOR.

Originally Posted by MdKnightR
I was doing this in KOTOR anyway and was constantly breaking down items whenever I found a workbench or lab station in TSL. I can't stand not being able to find my medpaks (or other necessary item) in the middle of a battle because of all the crap in my inventory. An encumbrance system would hopefully force you to make choices as to what is more valuable to you.
I see your point, but even with an encumbrance system this won't really stop... add in all the + to Strength items available and the encumbrance rules would be nullified anyway. Lastly, adding encumbrance rules to the game when you have to fully equip up to 10 NPC's and can only have 3 active at a time is a little harsh, especially if they lock out your NPC's and access to shops at certain points.

It would be a equipment tracking nightmare, the Main PC's invantory, and now 10 NPC's invantories to contend with... you can't find your medpacks now, just imagine the horror! "Kreia has all my medpacks and she can't come out of the EH on Korriban!" [Insert party getting pwnd sounds here]

Originally Posted by MdKnightR
This is how we had to do it way back when we were playing AD&D.
I have found that the encumbrance rules only affect AD&D Player parties less than 7th level or so... the first Bag of Holding or Hewards Handy Haversack, or Girdle of Giant Strength, or Gauntlets of Ogre Power found by a party member and the party now has it's treasure mule... add more of these items into the mix and you can throw the whole of the encumbrance rules out the window anyway.

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