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Technicly Jedi can't be killed, from what they have shown they have a sort of "time bar" that is constantly going down, killing enemies and completing objectives will add time to your bar while getting shot, and team killing will just make it fall faster. Once there time is up the jedi just leave for the rest of the fight.
To me that sounds like the Balrog in Battle for Middle Earth: It's just about invincible and has an attack that destroys everything in a large area, but goes away after a short time. When it attacks your base, all you can do is get out of the way while it tears your entire base down single-handedly. This repeats itself every fifth minutes until you kill the player using the Balrog.

The Jedi will be just the same way if he cannot die: To the Hot Place with team play, effort and skill, or co-ordination: Just send a lone Jedi or Sith into the enemy control point to capture it. All the enemy can do is get out of the way while their base is lost.

It's completely beyond me how people can possibly look forward to this feature.

--D. E.

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