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Don zoomed twards the target. The socut had seen them and was running back. Although a lot fater on the speeder bike Don did not have as mutch freedom as the scout. Ih he wanted to he could easily hide and then run in a different direction, whihc is what he kept doing. Don how ever using his piloting skills had him in his sights most of the time. Don fired and the scout hit the deck. Don jumped off and ran towards him. He rasied his pistol but he didn't need to. he was already dead.

Don wiped his forehead and sat down. He had lost contact with Jax and Mira. An EMP had been let off near their position. They did not know if it was an accident or on purpose. They had encountered a AT-ST which had been damaged and easily destroyed. They had alos managed to capture one and it was now roaming around somewhere. Dave aporached Don
"Don we should really start moving that explosion a few moments ago came from the south, where Jax is"
"I know"
"right well....when your ready"
"yeah Im ready"
Don got up, he heard a noise behind him but when he turned he was knocked unconcious but someone....or something....

Jax was lying on the floor a few feet away from the wrecked speeder. Something had shot him. He had seen a glint of something and then was thrown through the air.
The phantom was standing a few feet away staring down at Jax.
"So you decided to come find me"
Jax was bleeding from a gash above his eye and hand was broken and it felt like his leg was too but he stood up.
"I vowed to capture you"
"ah...but it I who have captured you" He raised his wrist and a length of wire spun aorund Jax's arms and legs, he over balanaced and fell hard to the ground.
"Oh your tough arn't you killing me when Im down" Jax yelled as the Phantom raised his gun
"remember Im a bounty Hunter my job is to kill people one way or another"
Jax grabed his pocket and ignited it.
He sliced through the wire and knocked the bounty hunter off his feet. He sliced the gun in half and stared down at the phantom
"wait...scans didn't say you were a jedi" he said shocked
"well scans don't tell you everything" Jax spat at the phantom
He moved the blue tip of the blade towards the phantoms's throat
"Now tell me, where is my friend Stu?"


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