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(Dude, Metal Gear rocks! Mother Russia will rise again... (isn't russian, but they're cool. They've got AKs, and stuff. The RPK...))

"Sir, there's one coming on from the left. He's seen us!" Corporal Fejia stated.

Sgt. Renae quickly put his rifle down and unleashed his pistol, 'Little Emperor.' The Rebel coming up the cliff was more stupid than any. Trying to run straight up. What an idiot..., he thought. Before anyone could shoot, about everyone fell down by the sudden appearance of an AT-AT. It was straight infront of the Rebel group, which were all on their knees.

"Fejia, now, take the speeder. I'll be right behind you." Renae said.

"As you wish, sir."

The brown military speeder bike sped away, doing zig-zags and all (OH YEAH, AC/DC!). With Fejia gone, and the Rebels on their knees, Sgt. Renae had the perfect chance to attack. He walked towards the edge, but the Rebel wasn't there.

"Blast!" he yells as the idiotic Rebel charges him.

Renae gets knocked down, but still has a good grip of his blaster. He stands up with some pain from his legs, and then fires two shots at the Rebel. They hit him, yes, but apparently did just about nothing. "Alright, it's time to run. Arrrrraaaggghhh!!"

Charging towards the Rebel, which just now turns around, he quickly falls to the ground as he trip-kicks the Rebel. Then, he stands back up, gets his sniper rifle, and mans the speeder bike. Then zooooooom and he's gone. Now they have to deal with the AT-AT.

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