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DFMD, although I do agree about spoilers and I'm strongly against people that post that stuff with no consideration about people who haven't seen the movie or played a specific game but THIS IS NOT SUCH A CASE !

Do I have to remind you that there is no script available for episode 2 ? We don't even know the title of the movie. You can not blame someone for making assumptions. You seem to forget that this is a prequel we're talking about, thus it's only common knowledge to come to logical conclusions.
Do you consider a spoiler if someone told you that Senator Palpatine is going to be the Emperor ? I don't think so.
Even if you haven't read the TPM novell , it's more than obvious that Amidala is going to be the mother of Luke and Leia and since Anakin/Vader is their father...
Notice that it was a certain tone in your post that made me answer to you in that way. I would suggest that you give more thought before start shouting at someone.

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