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Jax stared down at the bounty hunter with pure hatred
"where is Stu" He repeated
"I don't know"
Jax moved the blad closer
"I don't know, he stowed away on my ship, when I landed here he ambushed me i fought him off but I managed to loose him in the forrest, I havn't seen him since"
Jax did not move the blade
"I have a hunch how ever"
"And why should i believe you?" Jax asked
The Phantom looked up at Jax and then took his helmet off.
Jax saw his own bruised and bloody face
"what you see is a progection"
He pushed a button on his chest armour
"It's a tactical plan to shock the enemy"
His face flickered and Jax's face was replaced by a young face that looked like it had aged in a short time. Jax stared
Jax knew this man. He had been part of the rebel alliance. He desighned ships, his name was bruce, he had desighned Jax's B wing fighter.
"you...youre the phantom?"
"well you know the rebels classed me as a traitor when that cruiser blew up carrying the ship i had jst desighned. They said it was too mutch of a coincadence so they tried to get me, so i did the only sensible thing, I ran"
"But you....destroyed one of the star destroyers"
"Oh don't get me wrong I still hate the empire but the rebel alliance turned their backs on me and I will never forgive them. So I became a bounty Hunter named "The Phantom". Now tell Me Jax how did you become a jedi"
"Im not" Jax said simply
"you're not? then why the lightsaber?"
"a friend gave it to me"
"a friend?"
"Yes, i knew Jedi he gave me this. AND THE YOU KILLED HIM!" Jax added
"Hmmmmm was he on the rebel cruiser, The Avias?"
"well he was about to tell you who I was, I couodn't have that"
" did you know?"
"i have my sources, I intercepted the rebel and imperial comm. link chanels and listened in to everything"
"i see, so where is Stu?"
"I assume the imperials caught him"
"oh yes and how come there is an imperial base here?"
"The Lancer that you drove into the asteroid field crashed here a few weeks ago. they have built several look out post and one main base somewhere to the west"
Jax lowered the lightsaber
"Where is this base?"
"I will show you if you promise to let me go after wards" He said
"I promise nothing"
Jax raised the saber again
"You are in no situation to try and bargain with me bounty hunter"
"fine kill me here then you will never find your friend"
Jax laughed
"Bad luck, Bruce, but you have just told me where he is"
The bounty hunter did not laugh
"I did not, i merly said there was a main base to the west, under neath that base there are tunnels that go on for miles"
"I was captured you see and i escaped"
Jax considered him for a moment and pulled him up
"Thank you Jax, and i will remind you not to call me Bruce"
"that is your name, is it not?"
"It was" He said simply
Jax turned his lightsaber off but kept a firm grip on it.
"Follow me" said the bounty hunter
and jax followed him, to where he did not know...


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