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windu6-"The jedi addition in the new battleront game will be very welcome.
But I don't want (as any jedi fan will agree)any simple jedi powers or abilities. I want them to include ability to throw objects, debris and also throw enemies off ledges or into to pits.I want to see some lightsaber dueling ( like in Episode III the game) like I saw in the trailer,which I hope isn't a cutscene. I also want the jedi you can fight as to have special moves not one move but many, like for example runing off the wall(like in Jedi Academy) to execute a special attack. I also want use the enviroment as a avantage to dispatch my enemies quickly, like throwing with the force, explosive barrels at them. Also I want to have force speed, jedi mind trick, force heal and throw the lightsaber in cool ways among other things."

I agree completely with you. I`m a star wars fan that likes that things. I played sw jedi academy a dousen times.
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