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Originally Posted by fresnosmokey02
I was going to post and say that perhaps there should be a non force using PC option for K3, then it occured to me that it's just not going to happen. The whole KOTOR storyline revolves around the force, jedi, sith, and the true sith. It just wouldn't make any sense for K3's PC to not be a jedi or a sith. Perhaps in some other Star Wars game, but not in K3.
That's another good point that I'm not sure I touched upon. I think it would take a different overall story setting for my game idea to work. The KOTOR series is about Jedi vs. Sith and would not be a good time to implement what I originally proposed. Which is why I said it is crucial for the writer (or writers) to come up with a story and time period when having a non Force sensitive PC and possibly non Force sensitive antagonist makes sense.

The early days of the Empire/Rebellion would work since you could craft a story on the Outer Rim where presumably there weren't any Jedi, and since Vader and the Emperor were the only Sith, they'd be consolidating their power on Coruscant and probably weren't too bothered with the outer reaches of space (atleast at the beginning).

But regardless, my idea was for a new SW RPG. Not as part of the KOTOR series because it wouldn't fit within the story arc of KOTOR.
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