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They walked for miles. They walked in silence until they could see a huge wreck ahead.
Jax and Bruce stopped. They had a quick look around beofre going into the wreck and scavaging anything they would find useful. There wasn't mutch there. Jax had suspected anything of value would have been taken.
They left empty handed.
"The base is not far now" Bruce mumbled
Jax kept a hand on his saber and his eyes on bruce. In the distance they sould hear fighting. It seemed that Don had managed to infiltrate the base becuase the cries were coming from inside the wall of a huge ruined city. In looked anciant. They slipped in un-detected.The city was enourmous. It was like moss eisley space port on Tatooine.They soon found out the cries were not being made by rebels attacking imperials or the other way around. The city looked like it had been attacked by some huge monster like a rancor but bigger....mutch bigger. Bruce stopped and so did Jax. The ginat monster was being shot at by storm troopers. It was slightly larger than a AT-ST but it had increable power. It threw aside men, guns, speeder bikes and even a AT-ST. It thre the AT-ST towards where Jax and Bruce stood hidden.
Bruce turned and loaded his two pistols
"this will be fun"


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