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Jack nodded at Troezen's concerns. "Believe me... I'm watching him carefully. As to how he found us... I have no idea, but I'll ask about it in casual conversation sometime... we have to be patient."

They returned to work and Jack smiled at Jokemaster's suggestion of a bright red night sky.

"Not so bright that it blinds you," he cautioned. Suddenly, he grinned and began typing. In a few minutes, while Tara was walking around, she heard two voices. Frowning, she moved in the direction of the voices. Two beings that looked somewhat like Jack and Tara were standing and talking together. They turned to face her.

"Greetings," the Jack-like being said. "I am King Jack of the Alien planet Goober. And this is my wife, Queen Tara."

"I'm Tara Robeson," Tara said. Queen Tara smiled.

"Oh, that's nice," she said. "We share the same name!"

"Only I'm not a Queen," Tara answered. King Jack disagreed.

"Surely you must be queen of something..." he said.

"Or perhaps she's a princess," Queen Tara murmured.

"If you'll excuse me..." Tara said. "I'm just looking around..."

"Oh, we'll look with you," King Jack said happily. Queen Tara agreed instantly.

"Oh, yes! We've been dying for something new to do!" she exclaimed. Tara sighed. "JR..." knowing she couldn't call her husband Jack when there was a King Jack standing so close. "Get me out."

"You can do it," Jack told her. "I'm in the process of programming the game menu..." a small device appeared on Tara's belt. She pulled it off her belt and the King and Queen of Goober stared at it curiously. Tara saw that there was only one option on the menu yet... quit. She pressed it and was released from the game.

"Well the quit works," she said, pulling the headset off. "A warning, Jack... everybody's gonna want to kill King Jack and Queen Tara of Goober when they play this part of the game."

"Why's that?" Jack wondered.

"They're annoying!" Tara exclaimed. Jack grinned and pushed his chair back so Tara could see his computer screen. King and Queen of Goober were crying out for Tara and running around trying to find her.

"Aren't they cute?" Jack teased. Tara laughed and shook her head.

"You're such a kid," she told him. With that, she went to the office.

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