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Leaving Drago to sober up on a bench out side the keep Hal and his two companions entered one of the long barracks, the one housing the officers. The Northern half of the block was the Drinking Hall, twice the the size of a normal hall, for half the men. As the three men entered they removed their helmets, Hal strode across the room to the bronze shield hung infront of the southern fire pit. He lifted the bronze war hammer next to the shield and struck the shield three times. The noise was near deathening, all conversation ceased as the assembled noblemen looked to see who had disturbed their meal.

Once he was sure he had their full attention Hal layed the hammer down and raised his left hand. "I am Halren, Son of Taklin. I am Earl of the Northern Compact, Lord of the Aduni," Hal had prepared this speech but the next part almost stuck in his throat, "The King has ordered me to lead a detachement of his horsemen into the southern woods to root out and destroy the Agori." Hal paused to let that sink in. "I need good warriors for the task will be neither short nor easy. Who will bring his men and follow me?!"

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